roi camping podsteivivalley glampingpods How quickly will I see a return on my investment (ROI)?
The usual rate for a pod is £45 per night per pod. In real terms at full occupancy you should be able to cover the cost of your initial investment within 6 – 8 months.

ROI guideline
    Ceri £55 per pod/per stay 155 stays
    Cambrian £65 per pod/per stay 155 stays
    Poppit £60 per pod/per stay 126 stays at full occupancy
    Lodge £75 per pod/per stay 150 stays

teivivalley glampingpods Will I need planning permission?
Compared to a conventional touring caravan or a brightly coloured tent a camping pod is smaller and less intrusive. However, as tents and caravans come and go, the pod would be a permanent fixture to your site, this needs to be considered when deciding on the location of the pods. No foundations or groundworks are required either so this will help in planning applications if they are required. Planning requirements vary so you will need to contact your Local Authority for more information or contact our architect Harold Metcalf Partnership in Carmarthen on 01267 237427.

clients pods wemadeteivivalley glampingpods Are the pods easy to maintain?
Camping pods are very low maintenance, the roof shingle comes with a 30 year guarantee. Exterior wood cladding is protected with outdoor danish oil and we recommend that you apply further coats approximately every 2 years however this could be sooner depending on the exposure of your site. The doors and windows are given 2 coats of Sadolin exterior wood stain which should protect the wood for approximately 2 years but similarly this will depend on the exposure of your site. So unlike many permanent fixtures you won’t be spending a fortune to keep your pods looking like new. If anything the wood looks better as it ages!

teivivalley glampingpods How do we connect the pod to our electric supply?
The pod comes fitted with a double socket and both interior and exterior lighting with a hook up point to your supply. However many of our customers don’t have electric hook up or would like to site the pod in a field where it is not possible to run electrics due to the distance from their existing supply. If this is the case you might want to consider installing a solar panel and inverter with your pod. Solar will provide you with enough electricity to run the lights and allow your guests to charge laptops, mobile phones etc. from the interior sockets.

pod deliveryteivivalley glampingpods Delivery information
There is an additional charge for haulage and this varies dependant on your location. Haulage can be arranged to anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Our haulage contractor can deliver three pods at one time and is equipped with a hiab to off load.

teivivalley glampingpods Terms of payment
A deposit of 33% of your pod order is required when you place your order which will be offset against your final invoice. The balance is payable 5 days before your delivery date. If we have a long waiting list for manufacturing your pod we recommend that you register your order with a fee of £150. This will secure your order and we will be able to give you a definate date to work to, this charge is offset against your final invoice.

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